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About Me

Hello.  I draw things.  I’ve been doing this for pretty much as long as I can remember.  I make my living primarily in the furry fandom, creating illustrations and designs for books, comics, apparel, and private clients.  I’ve lived all over the East and West coasts of the US of A, and am an avid roadtripper.  I studied illustration and animation at Laguna College of Art & Design, and Cogswell Polytechnic University. I currently reside in California with my husband, our two dogs, and pony. I’m a little freakishly obsessed with pugs, and am utterly incapable of saying no to frozen custard.

About my Art


Most of my work is furry-related.  Why? Because I’ve always been drawn to storytelling with anthropomorphic characters, both for metaphor and creative escape.  My parents encouraged me to draw from a very young age, and fostered my interest in the arts as I was growing up; I have them to thank for where I am today with my work.  I work with both digital and traditional media, never quite settling on one or the other as my favorite.  I primarily work in Photoshop when I’m at the computer, and with Golden Fluid acrylics at the easel.  I am most inspired when I’m immersed in a new experience, which is probably why I love travel so much.